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Hot Tuna Noodle Casserole

Do not fear, I haven’t gone so housewife that I have resorted to actually cooking tuna noodle casserole.

This morning on our walk, my mother-in-law and usual walking companion were discussing language and how we sometimes use less offensive words (ie fudgesicle) when we really want to curse. It reminded me of a great moment in Costa Rica that I’ve been meaning to blog about for a few months. I hope my sister-in-law and husband burst out laughing when they saw this post come up.

The hot tuna noodle casserole incident requires a bit of back story. One afternoon in Costa Rica my husband, sister-in-law and I had a little free time to lounge in the shady end of our B&B’s pool. We started discussing language and how people come up with my PC terms for “bad” words — darn, crap, fiddlesticks. Here’s the thing, while everyone uses them, I am pretty sure that all of the people who hear these terms know what the speaker really meant to say—so does this code really make anything better?

I should probably blame the heat, or the cocktail we had had at lunch (or a combination of the two), but we started discussing what totally random word or phrase we could use as a secret family curse. One that could be whipped out in any situation with no one around us having any idea what we were saying.

Thus emerged hot tuna noodle casserole, a phrase with many levels of intensity. Tuna is basically crap, tuna noodle casserole is more along the lines of shit, and hot tuna noodle casserole — well, it’s a phrase that is probably not appropriate for this blog.

The three of us were laughing like crazies in the pool and did our best to whip segments of our newly agreed upon phrase out during the remainder of the trip, much to the confusion of some folks from Michigan in the Miami Airport (where we spent about 6 hot-tuna-noodle-casserole hours…). We were riding on the sky train when a large student group crammed into the car with us. I looked at my sister-in-law and muttered “Hot tuna noodle casserole,” then one of the adults with the group asked if we were going to Detroit. My husband and I looked at each other and started to giggle, thinking it was because of my casserole reference, but the woman claimed she saw the college (located in Michigan) alumni tag on my in-law’s bag. I’m still not sure I am buying that one.

I’ve given our phrase away — sorry guys — but I just can’t help laughing when I think of this story. Hope it makes some other folks smile too.


The Great Cupcake Caper

Today my husband is celebrating his 30th birthday. In honor of that, one of his rowing teammates brought cupcakes to practice for him Thursday morning. This meant that he came home all hyped up on sugar and happy as a clam to have started his day with a cupcake. It also meant he was feeling extra sneaky, but I’ll get back to that. He told me with a smile on his face that he had a surprise for me — a cupcake of my own!

As you may recall from an old post about “the children” we tend to joke around with giving the stuffed animals personalities. Although both Snoopy and Eeyore expressed their desire to have a cupcake, my husband said that the cupcake was for the puppy to share with me. As the puppy doesn’t tend to have a lot of luck getting downstairs, I was pretty confident I would get the entire thing to myself.

I went for my morning walk and came back to find this — the puppy sitting on top of the cupcake container with only a used wrapper inside. I was stumped. And dying for my cupcake. I called my husband in a panic to see if he could let shed some light on where my missing cupcake might be. Instead he just said he wasn’t responsible for the puppy’s actions when she is left alone…

Thankfully, after a bit more searching through the salad spinner, dishes and cupboards, I found that my cupcake had been relocated to a pretty secluded spot in the fridge. We had a joyous reunion as I downed the chocolate-frosted, marble-cake cupcake along with an iced mocha and got back to my day.

Speaking of cupcakes, there are about 65 downstairs begging to be frosted for the 30th birthday bash tonight. I suppose when a cupcake calls a girl should answer!

Manic May

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged yet this month. Each day on my calender recently I have had “blog about weddings” or “write garden update for blog” included in my to-do list. So far this month I have moved blogging to a future date every time it pops up on my schedule. As I continue to add more freelance work to my daily routine it’s clear that my first priority is to focus on the projects that will lead to getting paid, so I am not complaining. But since I wasn’t sure when in the near future I would be able to find the time to write a post about one topic, let alone all the things that have been going on recently, here’s a mini update:

We have now attended five weddings in 2011. The first two were in DC, then we spent a weekend in Roanoke, Virginia, a long weekend in Costa Rica, and another long weekend California. During our trip to California we were also able to spend half a day in San Francisco celebrating our fourth anniversary. Even though it felt like we were only in our home state for about 45 seconds, we had a wonderful time celebrating with our friend who tied the knot and visiting with our families. Now that we are back, it’s nice to know we’ll be staying put for awhile. I also have to admit that I am looking forward to our break from the wedding scene for the next few months.

Our garden is coming along, although not as quickly as I would like (I think that is always the case). I believe the delay in growth can be attributed to the cooler, actually spring-like weather we have been having and I know weather in the 70s in DC is something I dare not complain about. Still I am anxious to see our tomato and pepper plants take off. They are roughly the same size as when we transplanted them to the garden a few weeks ago and I keep waiting for them to get heartier so I know that they will survive into the summer. This past weekend, I spent an hour or so weeding the plot and then my husband laid mulch around all the seedlings in hope that as the temperature does warm up, it will help the plants retain moisture and suppress the weeds around them. We’ll see…It is definitely time to start my daily ritual of an early morning walk to the garden to water though. I’ll be doing that for the next four months I suppose.

The House
We spent nearly the entire weekend working on/around the house trying to get things in tip-top shape for my husband’s 30th birthday party on Friday and his parents visit next week. One of our top priority house projects is outside. During my in-laws’ visits, we will start building garden beds in our backyard so we can grow veggies and herbs at home instead of at the community garden. While I worked inside, my husband spent hours on Saturday and Sunday cleaning out the 30 foot x 4 foot space where we intend to construct three raised beds and covering it with landscape fabric in hopes that it won’t be too weedy when his parents are ready to help us begin the project. Since we’ve been gone so much recently, this was our first chance in awhile to tackle the cluttered disaster our house had become inside. I did some major cleaning and reorganizing in our back porch/pantry area and we both worked to tidy up the basement. It’s amazing how much space there is when you can see the ground! Now that things are so tidy, I have optimistic thoughts that we can keep it this way for awhile. We’ll see how long that lasts after Friday.