Meet Ian

About a month ago I posted an update on the blog which covered a bunch of different topics including the possibility of getting a dog. As soon as it went up, my dad called to let me know how much work a dog is, they take up a lot of time, and have their own expenses. My dad’s advice—and I’m not even kidding (love you, dad)—was, “Have a baby.”

Babies aren’t any work, don’t take up your time, and cost virtually nothing, right? Ha!

After I stopped laughing about my dad’s ridiculous appeal to be a grandparent right away, my husband and I made our first move toward becoming dog parents. In order to determine what age pup would be best for us, we decided to try our hand at fostering with a local labrador rescue. The day after Thanksgiving we brought home our first pup, Ian.

As Ian lays next to me in the office, snoring away, I have to admit he’s seriously one of the best trained labs I’ve ever encountered. He’s 18 months old and during the time that we’ve had him he hasn’t eaten anything other than dog food and treats, had any accidents or even barked, and he’s learned to sit and to lay down (almost). He also willingly goes into his crate if we need to leave or if he is just looking for a new napping spot and walks very well on a leash. He loves the cow we had waiting for him, but isn’t as fond of his dog socks.

That’s right. Dog socks. I am totally ridiculous and I bought dog socks to help keep him from sliding around like a maniac on our hardwood floors (and to help minimize dog toenail damage). Despite how silly he looks, it really has helped his traction. I swear!

We’ve already heard from folks who are interested in visiting Ian and adopting him. I can’t imagine anyone coming to meet this adorable guy and not wanting to take him home right away so we will probably be saying goodbye to him this weekend.

It’s going to be hard to let go even though we’ve only had him a short time, but if we can focus on the positive, I’m sure there will be more lab fostering (and a possible adoption) in 2012.


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2 responses to “Meet Ian”

  1. Steve says :

    I love the blog and yes keep the doggie…
    And babies are sweet too
    Busting up laughing!!!
    Love Dad

  2. Nancy Snyder says :

    Ian is sooooo…cute!

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