Lovely Lisa

It’s been about a week since our seventh foster — Lisa — found her forever home. She was our first chocolate lab and as a two year old (or 14 in dog years) she showed her teenage-ness by testing her boundaries, but also by still wanting to be part of the pack.

Lisa spent about a week with us and we quickly got used to her puppy ways. Most of the time she liked to be near the action. But if she wandered off and things were a little too quiet, it meant she was probably standing on the couch looking out the window. As soon as we caught her, she gave us an “I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be up here” look and got right down. If she wandered off and we heard too much noise, it meant that she was probably, um, having her way with her bed… We did our best to put a stop to this behavior, but we didn’t have too much luck.

When the weather was nice, Lisa loved looking through the front gate and watching the world go by. Or she would come lay at our feet in the kitchen while we were cooking or doing dishes. On the rare occasion we had to put her in her crate, she didn’t like to leave us, but she would willingly go in after a little prodding (and the knowledge that she would get a bacon treat once she was settled).

Just like our other foster dogs — particularly Ian and Princess Honey — Lisa quickly felt like part of the family and we were really sad to see her go. But her forever parents report that she is loving life with them and we are glad she is thriving in her new home.


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One response to “Lovely Lisa”

  1. Steve says :

    You and Brandon are great Middle Parents

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