Mini-Monday: Bonnie the Spoiled Wonder Pup

Bonnie—also known as The Bonster, Bonnie Bear, and Bonster Monster—is the most spoiled dog who has ever lived with my parents. When I was growing up we always had sweet labs in the house (there was Bunny, Daisy, Shady and Sunny prior to Bonnie), but those pups did not live the life of luxury to which Bonnie has become accustomed.

Bonnie is definitely the spoiled youngest child. She’s got a toy box that includes an Eeyore she likes to snuggle, a mooing cow, and not one but two Snoopies that squeak (among other things). Bonnie also has a dog house in the backyard and, like Motel 6, my parents “leave the light on” for her at night because if they didn’t she’d “get scared.” No, seriously, Bonnie the black lab is apparently afraid of the dark…

This weekend while my parents and I watched a basketball game together, Bonnie enjoyed joining us in the living room, although I had to sit on the stairs since the couch was a bit full (mind you, it easily seats 6). Oh, and no dog pre-Bonnie has been allowed on the couch. Ever.


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3 responses to “Mini-Monday: Bonnie the Spoiled Wonder Pup”

  1. sruns says :

    Annie only living being more spoiled than Bonnie is you my dear!!! Love Daddy

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