Wrapping It Up (with Rapaport): The 2012 Edition


My holiday centerpiece — a tiny tree, an Icelandic wool sweater for the wine (because everyone needs this), and a few wintery candles.

When I was in college I wrote a weekly sports column (yes, the singing theatre major, history minor, never-played-a-sport-in-my-life girl wrote a sports column … and people liked it, I swear!).  The name of it — Wrapping It Up With Rapaport — struck me with some inspiration while contemplating the end of 2012.

As December 31 approaches there are so many things to “wrap up” — gifts, projects I’d like completed before 2013 (before I start my vacation really), and household chores to make sure I’ll be able to come back to a clean house in a few weeks.

Along with all these things, I though it was a good time to take a quick look back at my resolutions for 2012 to see how I’ve done during the past 12 months. Here’s an update:

Exercise: I had written that my hope was to attend my Jazzercise class as often as possible and continue my morning routine of walking to get in better shape without giving up all the foods I love. I’d say that I achieved this goal in a way I didn’t even imagine last January — by becoming a certified Jazzercise instructor during the summer. On top of regularly attending class, I have also been teaching between 4–8 times per month and can tell I am in better shape than I was during 2011. My regular walking routine hasn’t been kept up as well as it should, but my walking companion and I are both committed to getting into a better routine come 2013.

Food: As 2012 began, my hubby and I were hoping for a healthier year both in terms of exercise and eating. I switched to organic milk and tend to buy all our fish, meat and chicken from the vendors at Eastern Market where it is a bit more expensive, but also free from hormones. Plus I can get exactly what I want (although they do look at me like I am a little bit crazy when I get a third of a pound of ground meat).

In terms of veggies we didn’t do the CSA weekly box this year, but we did have more of our own veggies thanks to our backyard garden. While it wasn’t as prosperous of a harvest as I am sure is possible given the space, I learned some valuable lessons — like don’t plant 13 tomato seedlings and then refuse to thin them — that should help 2013 provide a more bountiful harvest. On top of this being the first year of navigating the garden in our own raised beds, being gone for 2 weeks of July and 2 weeks of August didn’t help. I am pretty sure we will be spending much of next summer stuck in DC, so that should help improve our luck.

Don’t Obsess About Weight: This one has definitely been the hardest to succeed at during 2012. I do my best not to be concerned with the number that pops up on the scale (and since I’ve been teaching Jazzercise it certainly has been, what I would consider, better), but even on days when I find that I am not as happy with what I see I remind myself that it isn’t the number, it’s the way my clothes fit that counts. I will do my best to continue this in 2013 and, hopefully, learn to let go of my concern for that silly number!

Now that I’ve wrapped up my resolution re-cap, it’s time to wrap up projects for the year and get ready for the craziness of the holiday season. I’ll head to California where I will spend my days visiting with old friends and family members, attending 4 different holiday dinners, exchanging gifts with loved ones, and just enjoying being “home.”


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One response to “Wrapping It Up (with Rapaport): The 2012 Edition”

  1. sruns says :

    Looking Forward to the 14 days

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