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Mini-Monday: The End of an Era


I’ll put on my Sacramento Kings sweatshirt tonight for the last time, while Snoopy sports his Mike Bibby jersey. Unfortunately he will not be able to attend tonight’s game.

Tonight I am off to the Verizon Center to watch the Sacramento Kings (currently 16-29) battle the Washington Wizards (11-31). Growing up in Northern California I have long been a Sacramento Kings fan. The team arrived in Sacramento in 1985, just a few years after I was born. I wasn’t really big on sports the first few years of my life, so as long as I have been aware, I’ve been a Kings girl.

While they’ve had many terrible seasons (this one included), there were also some great years where it seemed like every game came down to the final seconds. My fondest memories of the Kings are from the seasons that Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Mike Bibby, Brad Miller, Peja Stojaković and Bobby Jackson were all on the roster.

If the impending sale to Seattle goes through, I’ll be sorry to see the Kings leave Sacramento. My family and I had many wonderful evenings pacing around the living room as we screamed at the coach, players and refs through the TV—sounds fun, right? I mean, clearly we knew what the players should be doing and when fouls should be called! And my dad, who cleans when he is nervous, had never dusted so much in his life as he did during those play-off years! I’m sure my mom misses the Kings winning just because it means my dad cleans less often.

It was during the winning years that I was in college (in Los Angeles) and worked for the school paper. A friend and colleague, also from Northern California and also a Kings fan, and I would often sneak away from work for a few hours on Monday evenings to go to the local dive bar, yell at the TV there (where we were clearly the only Kings fans), then head back to work either elated or extra cranky.

Perhaps tonight won’t be a clash of titans, but as I don my Bobby Jackson sweatshirt for what is likely to be the last game I’ll get to see, I’m happy to reflect of my fondest basketball memories as well as recall why I inherently hate the Lakers. (Who aren’t much better than the Kings this year. Just saying.)


Winter Amaryllis


Every year my aunt orders four amaryllis bulbs for the holidays — my mom, aunt, grandpa and I all get one. Although the bulb arrived around mid-December mine is just starting to bloom.

The four of us “compete” to see whose will grow the quickest and typically my grandpa wins by a mile (honestly I think the tropical climate inside his nursing home is cheating…), but this year I think I win for most unique.

I’ve always had deep, red flowers on my amaryllis, but this year the flowers are a very pale pink. They are a beautiful treat to brighten this very chilly winter day!

Mini-Monday: Inauguration 2013

This morning my mom and I trekked into downtown DC to attend the second inauguration of President Barack Obama at the Newseum. After a less then enjoyable viewing experience in 2009, I was looking for a way to watch the ceremony with a large group of people without having to brave the cold for hours on end. Attending the 2013 event at the Newseum was the perfect solution — there was heat, there were people, there were bathrooms!

Here’s our experience by the numbers:
5 Miles walked (round trip)

0 Precipitation (thank goodness!)

c. 700,000 Attendees on the National Mall

3,500 Newseum attendees (a much more manageable number)

4 Hours of standing

18 Minute speech by the President

40-foot-by-22-foot Screen on which we watched said speech

8 Hand and feet warmers used

37 Degrees outside around noon

2 Smiles from a very happy, albeit tired, mother and daughter duo

1 Hour nap taken after getting home

Listening to the prayers, speeches, music and poetry of this morning’s ceremony, I found myself waving my little flag and thinking many times over of how proud I am to be an American. What a special day!

(At Top) Our spot on the second level balcony (we had a great view of the giant screen); (Bottom Left) President Obama’s swearing in; (Bottom Right) many of the other attendees after the ceremony, we had just left the lowest level pictured.

Sleep — Who Needs It?

As you may have guessed from the title Imageof this post, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. And let me say, it isn’t for lack of trying. I LOVE sleep. I’m a “needs-at-least-8-hours-a-night” kind of girl, so I have been wandering through the world like a zombie the past few days.

Since this new trend emerged during the weekend, I’ve been careful not have any caffeine after 1 pm (although I feel like I need to chug a triple venti mocha around 4 pm to keep going), I exercise each evening (for heaven’s sake last night I taught Jazzercise for the first time in 5 weeks and I was wiped out afterward, but it still wasn’t enough), and I have dinner as soon as I get home so that it has plenty of time to settle before bed.

So what gives?

I’m not laying in bed filling my head with worried thoughts or feeling overwhelmed by what’s coming up the next day. Nope. I’m just laying in bed thinking, “Hey, sleep did you forget to look at your calendar today? I made an appointment with you for this time pretty much every night forever.” Unfortunately sleep seems to have misplaced my request.

So I am powering through, thinking at some point I have to get tired enough to get back to my normal sleeping routine (which still isn’t great, but it is a hell of a lot better than this). Let’s hope that time comes rather soon. With sleep will come some more interesting blog posts, including a blow-by-blow report about my new Build Your Own Woodstock (of the Snoopy variety, not the hippie type) and a little something about Inauguration. Bet you can’t wait!


Mini-Monday: iPad Mini

ImageSuper excited that my new iPad mini—slate with a pink cover—was delivered today (it’s really so appropriate that I received it on a Monday).

Now that I have it, I can catch up with the rest of the world on the technology front. I am anxious to learn more about creating digital versions of my print projects. Not only will I be able to incorporate interesting interactive features, but now that I have the iPad, I’ll be able to actually test the digital design out to see what the user experience will be like. Digital publishing seems to be the direction that my work will be heading in 2013, so I am grateful to finally have the technology I need at my finger tips.

And let’s be honest, the design nerd in me just loves opening packages from Apple! Pretty, shiny, tech toys can really brighten a gloomy day.

A Little Surprise

IMG_6887I’m such a lucky girl! This morning I got these lovely flowers from my hubby. Now he wasn’t there to pick them out or to pay for them or to even know about them until he called me (after I’d purchased them) and I filled him in about the surprise. None the less he thought it was quite generous that he spent $3.99 to brighten my day. And because of his generosity, I thought he deserved to see what he got me. Thanks love!

Mini-Monday: “It’s My (Pity) Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To”

I’ll admit that this post may not be mini, but the world’s smallest violin that I’ve been listening to recently is.

I found myself channeling Lesley Gore the past few days, because after a lovely holiday in California and the chance to spend 13 days with my husband, he headed back to Kabul on Thursday evening. Upon returning to DC we were able to spend pretty much every moment together cooking (and eating and re-stocking the freezer), watching movies (including Harry Potter 2–7 and Bottle Shock), and planning our next travel adventure to Turkey and Greece, so I had grown pretty accustomed to him being around him all the time. This opportunity to be together so much made it difficult to see him go, which for me was immediately followed by having to jump back into work mode and — just my luck — getting a cavity filled on Friday.

This time around it seemed much harder to say goodbye than in November. Maybe it was because we weren’t super frazzled making sure he’d packed everything he could possibly need or because I wasn’t heading to California the same day or because we will be apart for longer during this phase. In fact, it was likely a combination of all these things that caused me to shed a few tears on Thursday and Friday.

But now it’s time to buck up and get back into my groove. After nearly three weeks of not working my regular Monday through Friday schedule, I started easing back in on Friday. Thank goodness I had that dental appointment to break up my day. Not.

So I’ll admit, I’ve had a few days of moping, but I promise I’m putting away the world’s smallest violin. Here’s to a busy, productive, and sunshine-filled Monday!