Mini Monday: In Memory of …


It hadn’t been on our agenda to come to California before our little hippo arrives, but life has a way of making other plans. My husband’s grandmother passed away a few weeks ago and the memorial service is this week. Since it was ahead of my stop-taking-planes date, here we are in sunny (hot) California. While I wish we had been able to visit under better circumstances, I’m grateful to be seeing our parents, friends and family, and of course, Bonnie.

We arrived yesterday and highlights so far have included lunch from In & Out, delicious Mexican food (something one cannot find in DC), a nap (well, I laid down so I am telling myself it was a nap), and a hearty slice of fudge pie.

However as life has a way of happening, the visit has been bittersweet. Early this morning my grandpa passed away. It’s been many years (about 12) since he began struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease so I have to admit that in a way, it’s a relief that he is no longer suffering. He simply hasn’t been himself for so long.

Now as I reflect upon his 96 years of life I am reminded of what a gentle and kind spirit he had and how much fun we had when I was growing up — exploring his antique clock shop or working together in my grandparents’ garden or at the family cabin in Santa Cruz. He also had a magical way of falling asleep anywhere at anytime (boy do I envy that these days).

While I have been missing all of those things about him for many years (except the falling asleep part, he still had that one down pat), I am taking his loss as an opportunity to be reminded of the incredible number of positive memories I have of our time together. I’ll miss you grandpa, but I am glad you are with grandma again!


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