How Pregnancy is Kind of Like Being a Toddler


As I spread some peanut butter on a piece of celery and topped it with dried cranberries the other day I thought, “I don’t think I’ve eaten this snack since I was approximately 4 years old.” But it was tasty and healthy and pretty much all I had the energy to put together, so it worked. With that in mind I started thinking about the other ways in which my pregnancy may somewhat resemble toddlerhood (at least behavior I have observed in other people’s toddlers since I don’t really remember my own toddler years terribly clearly):

• I pretty much always have a bag of cereal or crackers in my bag because I never know when I am going to suddenly be insatiably hungry.

• While it hasn’t happened more than 2 or 3 times during the past 29 weeks (my husband is probably rolling his eyes now, but I honestly think this is accurate) I’ve gone from totally happy to irrationally upset in the blink of an eye.

• Since I don’t really sleep at night I need naps, but I can’t seem to take them — what if I miss out on something amazing?

• My poor husband has to do so many things that any able bodied adult woman should be able to for herself—reach dishes that my belly and short T-Rex arms have now pushed out of my reach, pick things up off the floor that my toes can’t grab, and all sorts of other random things that just seem so hard these days.

• I spill on myself at an alarming rate — was I this messy before I was pregnant or did I just drop all sorts of food, water, whatever I am attempting to put in my mouth onto the floor because my belly wasn’t in the way to catch it?


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