The Final Escape

My husband and I love to travel and with the baby coming we knew that travel time (at least big, international trips) would probably be put on the back burner for the next few years, so we decided to squeeze in one more pre-baby international trip to the not-very-far-away Quebec in May. I thought that would be my final getaway, but we ended up taking a last-minute trip to California about a week after getting back from Canada and last weekend we managed to take one final mini vacation.

We caught the train up to New York City on Saturday morning and spent the weekend catching up with our great friends and their uber happy 7 month old daughter — we can only hope our little hippo will be so joyful! The visit included lots of talking and eating (of course), exploring the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens where we were all inspired to do a million more things to our backyard gardens, checking out the Ai Weiwei exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, enjoying a slice (or three) of funfetti cake and watching movies.


Now I am stuck at home for the foreseeable future, but I’m hoping these last few months before the baby arrives race by because I can’t wait to meet the little guy and read to him about Harry the Hippo who loves to play hide and seek.


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3 responses to “The Final Escape”

  1. BrixHouseWife says :

    Sounds lovely, my husband have left it too late to go traveling now, so we will have to wait until after the bubba arrives. Thank you for sharing you experiences.


  2. sruns says :

    Fun blog

  3. Jennifer O. says :

    I might be getting my botanical gardens mixed up, but is that the one Marisa worked on? I know she did something with native plants. And great that you got in one more trip!

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