Mini Monday: Celebrate!

Yesterday was my birthday. Now combine that with a holiday weekend, my parents being in town, and a baby shower and the last few days have been a (very busy) blast!

On July 4 the weather was phenomenal, I can’t even get over what a great day it was for summer in DC. In the evening we enjoyed delicious BBQ with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law before heading down to the Capitol. From there we had the most amazing view of the fireworks display we’ve experienced in all our years of living in Washington, DC, and since we were at the Capitol we could hear the National Symphony Orchestra play while we watched the fireworks go off. Top that off with the perfect — and I mean perfect — weather and it was an amazing evening.

Saturday after teaching Jazzercise and running errands I rested while my mom and my husband put up an adorable decal in the nursery. I’m so grateful that they were able to get the many many pieces onto the wall without too much difficulty and that it looks so sweet. In the afternoon I had a southern baby shower with a group of wonderful women from church and the baby (and I) were spoiled with gifts, advice, and chocolate chocolate cupcakes.

Yesterday I woke up and opened birthday cards and a few small presents, then my husband and I walked to the local coffee shop where my birthday was announced on their menu board! It was so thoughtful, but I was really glad my husband was with me because I think I might have missed it —  despite how big it was — if he hadn’t pointed it out… Baby brain leaves me so distracted sometimes! The rest of the day consisted of a lovely French brunch with my folks, flourless chocolate cakes that my hubby made and topped with chocolate chip gelato with the in-laws (who gave me the sweetest alphabet book that they had created for the baby hippo with pictures of us and our favorite things representing the letters), dinner with my parents, and finally a movie to wrap up the day.

Now the birthday fun may be over, but I’m 32 years old and 32 weeks pregnant and I am loving life (even if it’s Monday)!



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One response to “Mini Monday: Celebrate!”

  1. sruns says :

    Glad you had great birthday Annie

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