Sugar Rush!


This morning I finally got around to my one-hour glucose screening to check for gestational diabetes. I’ll be honest: I love sweets— cupcakes and ice cream have been particular favorites during the past 7 months. But other than my dessert vices I’ve tried to make healthy choices throughout my pregnancy by continuing to be as active as I can (thanks Jazzercise!) and (mostly) eating foods that are good for me and my little guy. I’ve been gaining weight on the slow side and there is no history of diabetes in my family, but I’ve still been a little freaked out about the screening. While I sat in the lobby of the lab this morning with the orange sugar drink coursing through my body, I didn’t get any less anxious.

As friends who have traveled this road before me said, “If I didn’t have gestational diabetes before, I probably have it after drinking all that sugar!”

But for now all I can do is wait for the results. Hopefully the next dish of ice cream in my future isn’t 3 months down the road or it will be one long, hot summer!


Mini Monday: Smiling

It has definitely been a Monday. Instead of letting this hectic day get me down, I thought I’d take a moment away from the grindstone to reflect on some of the things that have made me smile the past few days:



*If you click on the picture, the caption text becomes much larger.

Mini Monday: In Memory of …


It hadn’t been on our agenda to come to California before our little hippo arrives, but life has a way of making other plans. My husband’s grandmother passed away a few weeks ago and the memorial service is this week. Since it was ahead of my stop-taking-planes date, here we are in sunny (hot) California. While I wish we had been able to visit under better circumstances, I’m grateful to be seeing our parents, friends and family, and of course, Bonnie.

We arrived yesterday and highlights so far have included lunch from In & Out, delicious Mexican food (something one cannot find in DC), a nap (well, I laid down so I am telling myself it was a nap), and a hearty slice of fudge pie.

However as life has a way of happening, the visit has been bittersweet. Early this morning my grandpa passed away. It’s been many years (about 12) since he began struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease so I have to admit that in a way, it’s a relief that he is no longer suffering. He simply hasn’t been himself for so long.

Now as I reflect upon his 96 years of life I am reminded of what a gentle and kind spirit he had and how much fun we had when I was growing up — exploring his antique clock shop or working together in my grandparents’ garden or at the family cabin in Santa Cruz. He also had a magical way of falling asleep anywhere at anytime (boy do I envy that these days).

While I have been missing all of those things about him for many years (except the falling asleep part, he still had that one down pat), I am taking his loss as an opportunity to be reminded of the incredible number of positive memories I have of our time together. I’ll miss you grandpa, but I am glad you are with grandma again!

Babymoon in Numbers


It’s been a few days since we got back from our babymoon in Quebec, but visiting friends and work made life a bit too hectic for blogging. Without further ado, here’s a few belated details about our adventures in Canada last weekend:

68,672 steps walked

2,160 ml small batch sirop d’erable (maple syrup) obtained

748 pictures taken

6 museums visited/tours taken

6 meals had pork (pork belly appetizer, breakfast x2, pulled pork, ham & cheese croissant, ham & cheese crepe).

4 nights at a fabulous B&B (Au Bois Joli)

3 minutes to inhale my ham and cheese crepe at dinner the last night (after they lost our order tag and didn’t realize for AN HOUR that we were still waiting… I was about to eat off of the plates of the people around us! And let’s be honest, 3 minutes is being generous…)

2 days filled with unseasonably warm, sunny weather — I wish I had had shorts!

It all adds up to 1 amazing last pre-baby international adventure


The Birthday Boy


Today is my husband’s birthday. He hates having extra attention lavished on him so I figured I’d better write a blog post about it, right? Last year his birthday was just one day in a very long list of days that we were thousands of miles apart, so simply being together this year is a great gift for both of us.

Although he’s off spending his birthday at work, we did kick start the morning with cards, a little gift from me and the hippo (although really, isn’t the hippo gift enough?!), and breakfast at our local cupcake bakery where the owner treated B to his chocolate cake donut and coffee. Yum. Tonight a dinner surprise awaits him and in a few days we will continue the celebration over buttery croissants and other delicacies while enjoying our babymoon in Quebec.

In our day to day lives, it’s often difficult to take the time and really appreciate the most precious people in our lives. This morning I have to say that I couldn’t ask to be spending my life — and making a new life — with a more loyal, loving, and considerate man. Happiest of birthday darling!

This picture may be a repeat from last year’s birthday post, but it’s just too cute! Hubby is, of course, the shirtless one sticking his hand in the cake…

Mini Monday: My First Mother’s Day


Here are the highlights from what will no doubt be the most relaxing, quietest mother’s day weekend I experience for quite awhile:

• Saturday I took a great prenatal yoga class with lots of other mamas-to-be. It was a wonderful practice and afterward I found myself relaxed and more in tune with the hippo.

• Bright and early yesterday morning my hubby gave me this sweet card (note the birds are made of actual feathers — it’s super cute) and my mom and dad had sent me a card too. It made my morning!

• The baby has apparently launched a VIP rave in utero. He’s been dancing around in there the past few nights in the wee hours of the morning (we can neither confirm nor deny that there are glow sticks involved…). Since I am awake anyway, it’s fun to feel him kick, punch, wiggle or whatever the heck he’s doing! He’s been so active the past two nights that my husband has really been able to feel him moving which was a fun Mother’s Day treat for both of us.

• We picked our first three strawberries yesterday. Whatever will I do with such a haul?!

• After church we strolled over to the local bakery and indulged — a coffee milkshake for my honey and an apple poptart and decaf iced mocha for me.

• Post-treat I took a nap and may have even gotten a little sleep! Yay!

• As a bonus treat, my husband gave me his free birthday drink at Dunkin Donuts, so I headed over there bright and early this morning to get a decaf iced mocha and a maple donut. The trek home surely burned off all the calories, right? At the very least, it helped lessen my case of the Mondays!

Looking at the Bright Side


I’ve been having a difficult time sleeping recently, well, that’s being a bit too generous to the gods of slumber. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping nearly as long as I have known I was pregnant. Recently I am starting to really feel that four (very interrupted) hours of sleep per night is clearly not enough, but I’m trying not to dwell on the negative. Instead of thinking too much about that, I’ve found some more pleasant things to focus on today.

• The thunderstorm that is currently happening outside my window. If I don’t have to go anywhere, I love listening to it rain, it’s so soothing. And the little bit of thunder and lightning add some extra excitement.

• These lovely Trader Joe’s flowers. I picked up two $3.99 bouquets yesterday (I know, I know, I’m a big spender), but the check out guy was so pleased to see I was “buying the really cool ones” he only charged me for the white roses. I was caught off guard when he said that, but hey, I wasn’t going to argue! Especially now that I get to look at this gorgeous arrangement and know I spent less than $5 making it happen.

• I am still feeling pretty good from my first prenatal yoga session last night. It was a really good to take some time to focus on this crazy thing that is happening to my body! The baby hippo and I found it to be a very soothing end to our day.

It’s the little things that can make any day special.