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Mini Monday: We Have Walls!

The renovation to our house is starting to take shape. We have moved from just a drawing on paper and a vision in our mind to four complete walls for our basement level storage room! Despite not being terribly interested one way or the other about incorporating bricks from our original pillars into the new structure during the planning stages, I love the way it breaks up the dull cinder blocks and ties back to the rest of the house.

Today, despite very chilly temps (which I am able to experience thanks to an open main level door… brrr…), the guys are hard at work on building the first floor. I am loving watching everything come together, I just need to find my gloves!



Mini Monday: Random Thoughts

Living in DC, I have to admit that Veteran’s Day seems much more real than when we lived in California — the monuments, the military presence, and the connections that we have formed with so many people who have chosen to serve. Today as a nation we honor the contributions of the many generations of men and women who have unselfishly sacrificed for this country.

On this crisp fall holiday, I am thankfully reflecting on the sacrifices of our veterans. I am also grateful for the extra day to spend more time with my husband, more time trying to get over the world’s slowest progressing cold, and more time getting caught up on things around the house.

Thanks to the previously mentioned cold, I’ve been slacking off around the house since late October, so despite not being back to 100% I started cooking and baking up a storm on Friday. I even made dinner on Friday — quite impressive, I know — and when my hubby got home from work we enjoyed some fresh baked bread and chicken roasted with carrots, potatoes, and onions in brandy. It was pretty delicious if I do say so myself. I also whipped up two batches up mini corn and green chili muffins for a potluck and yesterday we kicked off the gorgeous fall day enjoying a toasty applesauce coffee cake with crumbly topping. Yum. Of course, it was all so tasty that I didn’t snap any pictures before the devouring began…

Apart from all the kitchen time, I’ve been doing my best to capture each phase of the work on our new addition (often by stealthy stalking the guys from the dining room — hey, it got cold last week!). The foundation has been poured and we will have our wall check this week. Hopefully next week there will be some really clear developments as the basement level storage room begins to take shape! Here are a few pictures of the progress:


No Sick Leave for the Self-Employed

Despite my best efforts to avoid getting sick — I got my flu shot, I work from home and I rarely use public transportation these days — I caught a cold last weekend. The timing really couldn’t have been worse and for once I can blame my husband. The man who “never” gets sick caught a cold last week and kindly shared it with me.

It was very odd being the caretaker since usually I am the one who has turned into some sort of snot-filled, barely functioning disaster. However, as my husband’s cold progressed and I stayed healthy, I thought maybe I would beat the odds and for once, not get sick myself. Ha! Think again. On Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and we both spent the day napping, watching TV and reading. We never left the house and barely moved from the bed. It would have been kind of awesome if we hadn’t felt like crap.

But I digress, the point of this post is to note that thanks to working from home, I have found it is pretty much impossible to take a sick day. Particularly a few days prior to a vacation that will make me inaccessible to my clients for the next two weeks. As my own boss, it’s kind of tragic to tell myself that I don’t have the time to take a sick day!

So here I sit at my desk, surrounded by snotty tissues, a glass of water and a mug of lukewarm tea, trying to power through. Even during the quiet times in my day I feel guilty napping since the house is a disaster and it needs some serious cleaning before we leave on our trip.

But for now, I am trying to take things one step at a time. Which means I need to find a packet of kleenex and then head off to a meeting where I will do everything in my power not to infect my client. Before long I’ll be home again and can hopefully find a way to squeeze in a nap.