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Mini Monday: Smiling

It has definitely been a Monday. Instead of letting this hectic day get me down, I thought I’d take a moment away from the grindstone to reflect on some of the things that have made me smile the past few days:



*If you click on the picture, the caption text becomes much larger.


Mini Monday: My First Mother’s Day


Here are the highlights from what will no doubt be the most relaxing, quietest mother’s day weekend I experience for quite awhile:

• Saturday I took a great prenatal yoga class with lots of other mamas-to-be. It was a wonderful practice and afterward I found myself relaxed and more in tune with the hippo.

• Bright and early yesterday morning my hubby gave me this sweet card (note the birds are made of actual feathers — it’s super cute) and my mom and dad had sent me a card too. It made my morning!

• The baby has apparently launched a VIP rave in utero. He’s been dancing around in there the past few nights in the wee hours of the morning (we can neither confirm nor deny that there are glow sticks involved…). Since I am awake anyway, it’s fun to feel him kick, punch, wiggle or whatever the heck he’s doing! He’s been so active the past two nights that my husband has really been able to feel him moving which was a fun Mother’s Day treat for both of us.

• We picked our first three strawberries yesterday. Whatever will I do with such a haul?!

• After church we strolled over to the local bakery and indulged — a coffee milkshake for my honey and an apple poptart and decaf iced mocha for me.

• Post-treat I took a nap and may have even gotten a little sleep! Yay!

• As a bonus treat, my husband gave me his free birthday drink at Dunkin Donuts, so I headed over there bright and early this morning to get a decaf iced mocha and a maple donut. The trek home surely burned off all the calories, right? At the very least, it helped lessen my case of the Mondays!

Mini Monday: Miscellaneous Musings


It seemed like a busy weekend, but looking ahead we can’t count on enjoying a lazy weekend at home until November, so I suppose Saturday and Sunday weren’t anywhere near as hectic as the upcoming weekends are going to be! The highlight of the past weekend was attending a college friend’s wedding on Saturday evening. The setting was beautiful, the food was delicious and, most importantly, the bride and groom were head over heels in love from start to finish.

But a new week is underway and I appear to be battling the onset of a summer cold. My plan for fighting it is mostly just to ignore it and get a lot of sleep. We’ll see how that goes. So this morning instead of thinking about my scratchy throat, I’m trying to focus on the things that are making me smile and the list is long:

• My husband made blueberry pancakes for breakfast — yum! (I ate them too fast to snap a picture.)

• While I was out running my errands I took advantage of a “free iced coffee every Monday for 6 weeks” deal at Dunkin Donuts and, even more exciting, discovered that the pumpkin donuts are already back.

• We are trying to be frugal this fall because of our upcoming home renovations, but while I was at Trader Joe’s I couldn’t stop myself from spending $7 on this mixed bouquet and these Gerber Daisies. They went so well together and are brightening up the living room as I type!

• Speaking of the living room, we re-arranged the space a bit yesterday and rolled up the boring and stained rug we bought when we moved in to put down a carpet that my husband brought home from Afghanistan. We also replaced the hand-me-down runner in our entry hall with an Afghan piece. I’m trying to get used to walking on them because I’m nervous I might ruin them, but what’s the point of having a memento if you can’t enjoy it?

• And last, but not least, our fall garden seems to be coming along nicely. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will have as abundant of a haul of cucumbers and sugar snap peas as we did in the spring/summer. I’m also trying green beans (again) because they were a total flop this summer. Speaking of the summer, our tomato plants all appear to be getting a second wind which is exciting. I brought in a small bowl of cherry tomatoes this morning and each of the larger plants have a new batch of green fruit on the vines. Here’s hoping that when they start to turn we can get to them before the birds/squirrels do!

Mid-Day Bake Break

For the first time in weeks I managed to get myself up and moving early (not at 7 am like I wanted, but a girl has to start somewhere). By 9 am I’d watered the flowers, run to Dunkin Donuts to get my hubby’s free birthday drink (with no DDs in Afghanistan, I had to use the coupon for him), completed my physical therapy stretches, and was hard at work.

Although the summer season is my busiest time of the year when it comes to my project load, I had a strange lull in my schedule at noon, so I headed down to the kitchen. Last night I mixed up a batch of muffins that I needed to bake. Since I was going to turn on the oven anyway, I thought I might as well try out my husband’s idea of making shortcakes now and freezing them so we won’t have to use the oven in the summer. While the muffins were cooling and the shortcakes were baking (drastically different oven temps prevented them from being cooked at the same time, unfortunately), I juiced my final California lemons and put together a sparkling mint lemonade to enjoy with lunch. The lemonade and muffin were quite tasty. What an excellent way to spend my 25 minute mini break!


Sparkling Mint Lemonade
• Juice lemons, pour about 1/4 cup of the juice into a large glass
• Add 1 tsp sugar (or a 1/2 tsp depending on how tart you like your lemonade) to the glass and stir
• Tear up 5–10 mint leaves and stir them into the lemon/sugar concoction
• Fill cup with ice and top with sparkling water

When adding the water, leave a bit of room to taste your drink in case it needs more lemon or sugar before filling the glass completely.

Stir and enjoy!

Mini Monday: Return of the Iced Coffee

You know I love coupons! I mean, I’m not like those crazies on Extreme Couponing, but I do love a good deal. And what’s a better deal than getting something you actually want for free? In an attempt to get rid of this case of the Mondays I seem to have, I kicked off my morning with a free medium iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Of course, I don’t think DD expected it to snow while this offer was taking place (yes, it snowed this morning… I’m so over winter), but we all know I can handle a cold drink on a cold day. Just wish I would have worn my gloves!

Free Iced Coffee

The Joys of Homeownership

As my hubby and I have long known, there is alwayBathtub Before some project (or 10) to do around the house and owning a home that is a bit advanced in age tends to mean more work. When we bought in 2009, the house was celebrating its 72nd birthday and we knew there was a nice long to-do list being handed over with the keys.

Thankfully the house was totally liveable at closing (after we had all the pipes replaced) and we have been chipping away at that lengthy list ever since. One of the smallest projects (and one that was way at the bottom of the list) was getting the bathtub refinished. It has always worked fine for showering, but the finish has been chipping off like crazy since we moved in, so I’ve never taken a bath because… well… ew.

But thanks to a special offered in one of the million of Bathtub Afterdeal emails I receive each morning, today I had the tub refinished. Considering the before picture makes it look like we have been living in a slum, I’m loving the new look and am looking forward to tomorrow night when the tub is operational. The only downside is that I had the job done in February. The upstairs reeks of paint, so I’ve opened up a few windows in hopes of not losing too many brain cells tonight. Thank goodness it is a toasty 53! While it airs out, I think I’ll head down to the basement to enjoy my dinner — a warm, tasty bowl of carrot ginger soup (courtesy of B, of course) — and continue my “Alias” marathon. Yep, life on the Hill is pretty darn exciting.

Mini-Monday: Sweet Treat

At the end of September I got the best coupon for Dunkin Donuts — a free medium iced coffee every Monday for two months! (Thank you, Washington Post!)

Although I missed out on three of the nine weeks because of Frankenstorm and spending the first part of November in California, I did my best to snag that free drink each week and this morning was no exception.

Of course, a free iced coffee (with a little milk and mocha flavor) wasn’t quite enough so I splurged and treated myself to a pumpkin donut, too. What a perfect way to kick start this post-holiday week!