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Mini Monday: Mini Room


On Saturday a fabulous friend came over to help me organize my office closet and, by accident, also cleaned up my “little room” aka our craft room aka a room that has traditionally been filled with lots of random stuff since we bought our house.

A few years back my in-laws helped us paint the room. Now that it has been cleaned out (again) it’s ready for sewing, painting, and any other craft project that may strike my fancy. I just hope I can find the time to take advantage of the space now that it is ready for action.

The office also benefited greatly from the weekend makeover. I went through multiple old file folders full of pay stubs, receipts, and other miscellaneous documents from the early 2000s while my friend organized all the random things in the closet — luggage, wrapping paper, and keepsakes. Not only are all of those things much tidier, the closet had enough space left over for us to add in the small filing cabinet that had previously been kept in the craft room.

There are still a few piles to go through before I can consider the office seriously cleaned up, but considering I can now see the majority of the floor in the little room and my recycling and garbage cans are full and ready for pick up, I’d say it was a highly productive weekend!


The Joys of Homeownership

As my hubby and I have long known, there is alwayBathtub Before some project (or 10) to do around the house and owning a home that is a bit advanced in age tends to mean more work. When we bought in 2009, the house was celebrating its 72nd birthday and we knew there was a nice long to-do list being handed over with the keys.

Thankfully the house was totally liveable at closing (after we had all the pipes replaced) and we have been chipping away at that lengthy list ever since. One of the smallest projects (and one that was way at the bottom of the list) was getting the bathtub refinished. It has always worked fine for showering, but the finish has been chipping off like crazy since we moved in, so I’ve never taken a bath because… well… ew.

But thanks to a special offered in one of the million of Bathtub Afterdeal emails I receive each morning, today I had the tub refinished. Considering the before picture makes it look like we have been living in a slum, I’m loving the new look and am looking forward to tomorrow night when the tub is operational. The only downside is that I had the job done in February. The upstairs reeks of paint, so I’ve opened up a few windows in hopes of not losing too many brain cells tonight. Thank goodness it is a toasty 53! While it airs out, I think I’ll head down to the basement to enjoy my dinner — a warm, tasty bowl of carrot ginger soup (courtesy of B, of course) — and continue my “Alias” marathon. Yep, life on the Hill is pretty darn exciting.

The Countdown

I have always loved a good countdown, it really helps me keep my spirits up when I’m looking forward to something whether it’s days, weeks or months away. However, I’ve been postponing figuring out the “when-will-I-see-my-husband-again” countdown for awhile, mostly because I didn’t really want to think about how many days we had to be apart. Now that it’s December 1, I’m ready for the countdown to begin: in 22 days I’ll see my hubby and we’ll get to share in the winter holiday festivities together!

Well, I take that back because in my crazy world of countdowns it’s really only 20 days. I mean, today’s nearly over (because 3 pm is almost bedtime, right?) and we will see each other on December 22, so that day doesn’t actually count. Since he’s been in Afghanistan for 30 days, we’re on the backside of the curve of being apart and I can definitely make it the next 20 days (many thanks, unique counting style).

Awhile ago my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas and this year I could honestly say, “All I want for Christmas is you-oo-oo-ou! You-oo-ou, baby!” Okay, I couldn’t say it, I had to sing it, even in writing.

Anxiously awaiting December 22!