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Doggie Day Care


It’s been about a year since we found ourselves with a dog in the house. In late 2011 we started fostering for a local lab rescue and have hosted 9 furry friends looking for a furever home over about 10 months. Some super fab pups resided in our abode (remember Ian and his dog socks? or Princess Honey and all her pudgy rolls?) and some more, er… challenging guests stayed as well (Black Bart and Timmy were more along these lines). But when my hubby found out he was going to Afghanistan for 8 months and I knew I’d be doing a lot of travel during the time he was away, we had to put fostering on hiatus.

Now that he is back we are getting ready to start some major home renovations and fostering remains on hold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have doggie guests before the work begins! This weekend my dear old friend Bo is staying while his mom and dad are on vacation. I’ve always joked that the dogs are my “interns,” but so far Bo isn’t working very hard. Although he did keep an eye on the neighborhood for a bit this morning, I’m happy to report he is finally napping.


In the next few weeks we have two more doggie friends coming to stay — Shiloh, a Yellow Labrador and also a repeat customer, and Bella, a Golden Retriever who will be staying with us for the first time. It’s nice to have a dog in the house again even if it means that in less then 24 hours all of the floors are covered in fur and drool.


The Nomadic Freelancer

While being able to work from anywhere is a blessing (and a curse — sometimes we freelancers want vacation days, too), circumstances aren’t always ideal. Today is one of those days.

But let me rewind a bit and start from last week. It all began with a notice from Pepco (our electric company) saying that our power would be out between 8:30 am–6 pm on Wednesday, November 28. I wasn’t pleased, but with a week’s notice I was able to make arrangements to work at a friend’s house yesterday. I mean, a girl can only work from Starbucks for so long…

So I spent yesterday working with my on-again, off-again intern Bo, went to jazzercise, and got home to find that all the clocks were correct. The power had been on all day. I had no idea what that meant. The slip from Pepco had said that the power would be off on Thursday if Wednesday had inclement weather and they weren’t able to work, although I couldn’t see how sunshine and a light breeze counted as inclement weather.

At 8:30 this morning we still had power which meant I could blow dry my hair and get a bit of work done. I went out to run an errand and when I got back about 10:30 the power had gone bye-bye. I worked for about an hour on my fully charged laptop then really needed an internet connection, so I headed out on a quest for the world wide web.

My first stop was at the house I worked at yesterday and once there I worked from the car (since the alarm at the house was on today, I couldn’t hang out with Bo again unless I wanted to get arrested). I frantically sent a handful of emails and took care of some small projects from the driver’s seat (thank goodness for strong internet connections!). While in my mobile office I connected with another friend who had left a key in her lock box for someone who was planning to stop by her house later today. She passed along the combination giving me space to work this afternoon.

Now I am comfortably ensconced on her couch with random TV playing in the background as I eat my falafel sandwich and work to get caught up after my crazy morning. Thank goodness for friends!

The Intern, Part Two

During the summer I had my first intern. Shiloh was only with me for part of a week, but she did a fantastic job. Today and tomorrow I have my second intern, a black lab named Bo. So far, he seems to be up to the job at hand and has been performing nap time with great vigor. I think things are going to work out between us just fine.