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Mini Monday: 30 Weeks Pregnant


I really don’t want to be one of those people — you know, the ones who talk exclusively about pregnancy, babies and baby things — but today I’ve simply got baby on the brain so you’re getting a mini-earful of baby news.

• I’m at 30 weeks today and am still getting lots of kicks from my cucumber/cabbage size baby (and no, those two veggies are not similar in size at all…) who is approximately 2.75 pounds (which seems like an awfully heavy cucumber or cabbage…) and is about 16 inches long.

• I on the other hand cannot be compared to a fruit or vegetable as I feel that I am approximately the size of a beached whale, but other very kind people, my husband included, keep saying I look very fit for 30 weeks. I have lots of walking and Jazzercise to thank for that one! My fingers are crossed that the heat isn’t too bad this summer and I can keep up my exercise regime until the baby comes.

• To emphasize how “beached whaley” I am feeling, my husband and I were listening to classical musical for most of the afternoon yesterday and at one point, he started to dance with me. The next thing I knew there was a spin (no problem there) and a “lift.” Oh, my poor husband. I am pretty petite and stand 5′ tall whereas he is 6’1″ so typically a lift is no problem, but when he tried yesterday I’d say he got me about an inch off the ground and made such a horrible noise in his attempt to pick me up. Well, needless to say we both dissolved into laughter and I wasn’t feeling very petite anymore! He also said, “I definitely think this needs to go in the blog tomorrow.” So this one is for you, babe.

• It’s happened. I’ve started attracting the random belly rubs that I’ve been dreading all along and really, it is just plain weird. Why do strangers — and frankly even acquaintances — think that a woman wants them to rub her belly?? I’ve had good friends ask if they can touch my belly, which is fine, but people I barely know or don’t know at all? Paws off!

• Our baby hippo really likes being on the right hand side of my belly. I don’t know what it is — head, butt, elbow — but he frequently maneuvers himself so that I feel a huge hunk of baby sticking out. It’s always on the same side, usually in the same spot, and it is super weird. If I massage him, eventually he will find his way back into the normal realm of my belly space. All I can say is that creating a baby is definitely interesting!

• Over the weekend, my husband built the dresser that will also double as a changing table for our little hippo. Although we have a wall decal to put up for decoration, the room is pretty well put together. Now I can spend the rest of the summer (post-baby showers) washing tiny clothes and putting them, diapers and blankets where they belong. I’m trying to keep my nesting mania to a minimum for my hubby’s sake. I can see him rolling his eyes now.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!




Mini Monday: The Seven Year Itch


I just couldn’t resist using this as the title for a post about our seventh wedding anniversary, even though research has shown that the “3 year glitch” is the new “7 year itch” when it comes to marital woes. So phew, I guess we’ve made it honey!

As we enter our seventh year of marriage, the most exciting thing on the horizon is the little bundle of joy that is scheduled to join our family in September. We are keeping things pretty low key this year in terms of anniversary celebrations, but the traditional seventh anniversary gift is copper and my husband just happened upon a super shiny penny from the year we got married the other day. I thought it was such a sweet gesture (I was really just impressed that he knew copper was the appropriate gift… I had no idea!). During the weekend we picked up this little copper heart from a vendor at Eastern Market to put in the nursery. It was our small, but sweet, gift to each other.

But I wanted to do something to surprise to him, and I decided that would be putting two tulips — purple like the day we got married — in the bud vase we were given on our wedding day.

As the years tick by, I know I couldn’t have asked for a better partner — who else would stay up until 11 pm working to assemble an Ikea bed? Or spend his entire weekend organizing and cleaning the house from top to bottom because there are so many things I can’t move or clean properly these days? Or who encouraged me to quit my full-time job to start my own freelance firm? Or who is willing to get up at 6:30 am on a Saturday to help me set up my Jazzercise class? Or who puts his hand on my belly and talks to our son in crazy voices (at first I was worried that our son wouldn’t recognize my husband’s voice when after being born, but then I realized he’s still going to talk to the baby with crazy voices so we should be good)? The list goes on and on and I am more grateful to have him in my life with every passing day.


1st Jazzer-versary

When I dove into the deep end of freelancing, it was a turn I hadn’t expected to take, but making that change has been amazing. It has given me flexibility to take on projects I enjoy, travel and establish a much more pleasant work/life balance.

A year ago today I took another road I had never planned on — I passed a grueling audition to become a certified Jazzercise instructor after being a student for about five years. I spent the spring learning how to teach 10 routines and then it was audition day — a boiling hot summer morning (I was thankful to be in the morning group, not the afternoon bunch). When I arrived I selected a number and, lucky me, I was the ninth out of 10 to audition. Each of us got on the stage and led the group for two routines, but until it was your turn you had no idea which two routines you would be assigned to teach. To support our fellow auditionees, we acted as students throughout the morning. I was 16 routines in (26 if you count the “warm up” round where we each practiced teaching a routine) when it was my turn to take the stage. I felt exhausted, but I got up on stage and gave it my best shot.

As it’s my first Jazzer-versary, I passed! I was so excited that all the hard work had paid off! The process continued the next day with workshops on class planning and business training followed by another day of refining our jazzer-technique. That really just meant eight hours of exercising. Needless to say I spent that Sunday on the couch!

As a substitute instructor for the past 12 months, sometimes I have taught four classes a month and sometimes 10. In February I started teaching a regular Saturday morning class and in a few weeks I will be adding three more weekly classes to my routine… It’s going to be another adventure!

There have been challenges during this past year — most notably dealing with a mysterious knee injury for the past few months. I’ve also been on the road a lot. Between Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Greece, and four trips to California, I have spent about 12 weeks out of the past 12 months traveling, making it impossible for me to teach as many classes as were offered to me (or find time to learn as many new routines as I’d like).

During the course of my first year as an instructor, I’ve taught 72 classes, learned 68 routines, and am hopefully growing and improving with every class. I’m looking forward to seeing what year two will bring!

Cooking for One

While my husband has been in Afghanistan dinner_3.18.13I’ve tried to be healthy, but there have been stretches where that effort has failed miserably. Last weekend was definitely one of them! Between cupcakes and dinner out with friends at a local pub on St. Patty’s Day, I ate more than my fare share of junky (but very tasty) food.

In a quest to get back on track I cooked lentils, carrots, garbanzo beans, and spinach in a spicy tikka masala sauce and enjoyed that along with some fresh (but not made by me) garlic naan for dinner last night. Unfortunately I am out of my husband’s fabulous homemade curry (or it’s hiding so far back in the freezer that I didn’t see it…), but it was a pretty tasty meal despite purchasing the sauce.

In the afternoon I cooked the lentils and carrots so that when I got home from teaching Jazzercise I could throw it all together and simply simmer the pot until everything had warmed through and the spinach had wilted. I did have a bit of a stirring mishap, throwing a carrot and some lentils onto the stove while try to get the spinach mixed in, but other than that it was a very successful dinner (and left over lunch today).

The dish was quick, healthy, and I am starting to feel slightly redeemed from the weekend. Cooking for one can be tricky, but I have a few more fairly simple meals just for me on this week’s menu — French onion soup (using just enough cheese and whole wheat baguette) with a green salad tomorrow and a salad of grilled chicken, corn, black bean, pepper, and quinoa is on the docket for Thursday. I am teaching Jazzercise Monday through Thursday this week, so I’m excited about having options for easy to make, healthy dinners already planned out.

Hint of Spring


Despite last week’s pseudo snow storm and the morning downpour yesterday, we have had some gorgeous, sunny days recently. It seems that the tame winter we’ve had isn’t planning to put up much of a fight with spring and I am definitely not complaining.

I was up early both days last weekend (to teach Jazzercise Saturday morning, then to drop off a doggie crate at an adoption event for the lab rescue group we work with on Sunday) so I did my best to enjoy the warmer weather thanks to my extra time. The highlight was definitely coffee outside Saturday morning with some friends which included the chance to snuggle with a black lab puppy who happened to be out for his morning constitutional.

After a lovely morning out and about, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the mini daffodils in our front yard had bloomed. I hadn’t noticed them on my way out to class so I am certain that they opened up after 8:30 am when I had already left. It’s either that or I am not very observant… My mother-in-law bought the flowers for us the spring we purchased our house and I’m happy to see they are going strong for a fourth year. I’ve been keeping an eye on the tulips and am hoping that they bloom before I head overseas. I would hate to miss them!

Since it was still before noon when I got home from teaching, enjoying coffee and running errands, I decided to replant my garden seedlings out on the front porch so I could continue to soak up the sun and enjoy the warmer temps. Many of the tiny pods needed thinning and I thought they could all benefit from some additional room to grow. Hopefully spending the next few weeks in their slightly large pots will prepare them for taking on the real world. They are heading out there in two weeks whether they are ready or not!

Less enjoyable tasks from the weekend (mostly performed on Sunday) included dusting the floor (how a house with only radiant heat has so much dust I’ll never know), doing laundry, and cleaning the kitchen. It’s a glamorous life I lead, but someone has to do it.

Mini Monday: It’s Party Time

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy with work (which I am certainly not complaining about, although it did catch me by surprise at this time of the year), so I have been neglecting the good old blog. I think I can also blame the lack of posting on a lack of interesting tales. I mean, working until 11 pm doesn’t really lend itself to a lot of funny stories. But it’s Monday and I am trying to keep up with my mini-Monday posting at the very least.

It’s a gloomy, rainy day in DC, but despite mardi10the weather it’s quite a festive week — Chinese New Year was yesterday, Mardi Gras is tomorrow, Valentine’s Day is Thursday and my sister-in-law’s birthday on Wednesday falls in the midst of it all.

What am I doing to celebrate these wild and crazy days? Well, last night I watched the Grammy Awards (until 10 when I had to go home and go to bed), tomorrow night I am going to a professional development training (although design nerds are pretty wild and crazy so I’m sure it will be almost the same as being in New Orleans), and Thursday I am teaching Jazzercise. With my hot date on the other side of the world, I figured why not? I just hope someone comes to class other than me!

So happy party week, everyone! Hope you can have as much fun as I am. Or maybe even a little more.

Sleep — Who Needs It?

As you may have guessed from the title Imageof this post, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. And let me say, it isn’t for lack of trying. I LOVE sleep. I’m a “needs-at-least-8-hours-a-night” kind of girl, so I have been wandering through the world like a zombie the past few days.

Since this new trend emerged during the weekend, I’ve been careful not have any caffeine after 1 pm (although I feel like I need to chug a triple venti mocha around 4 pm to keep going), I exercise each evening (for heaven’s sake last night I taught Jazzercise for the first time in 5 weeks and I was wiped out afterward, but it still wasn’t enough), and I have dinner as soon as I get home so that it has plenty of time to settle before bed.

So what gives?

I’m not laying in bed filling my head with worried thoughts or feeling overwhelmed by what’s coming up the next day. Nope. I’m just laying in bed thinking, “Hey, sleep did you forget to look at your calendar today? I made an appointment with you for this time pretty much every night forever.” Unfortunately sleep seems to have misplaced my request.

So I am powering through, thinking at some point I have to get tired enough to get back to my normal sleeping routine (which still isn’t great, but it is a hell of a lot better than this). Let’s hope that time comes rather soon. With sleep will come some more interesting blog posts, including a blow-by-blow report about my new Build Your Own Woodstock (of the Snoopy variety, not the hippie type) and a little something about Inauguration. Bet you can’t wait!