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Mini Monday: My First Mother’s Day


Here are the highlights from what will no doubt be the most relaxing, quietest mother’s day weekend I experience for quite awhile:

• Saturday I took a great prenatal yoga class with lots of other mamas-to-be. It was a wonderful practice and afterward I found myself relaxed and more in tune with the hippo.

• Bright and early yesterday morning my hubby gave me this sweet card (note the birds are made of actual feathers — it’s super cute) and my mom and dad had sent me a card too. It made my morning!

• The baby has apparently launched a VIP rave in utero. He’s been dancing around in there the past few nights in the wee hours of the morning (we can neither confirm nor deny that there are glow sticks involved…). Since I am awake anyway, it’s fun to feel him kick, punch, wiggle or whatever the heck he’s doing! He’s been so active the past two nights that my husband has really been able to feel him moving which was a fun Mother’s Day treat for both of us.

• We picked our first three strawberries yesterday. Whatever will I do with such a haul?!

• After church we strolled over to the local bakery and indulged — a coffee milkshake for my honey and an apple poptart and decaf iced mocha for me.

• Post-treat I took a nap and may have even gotten a little sleep! Yay!

• As a bonus treat, my husband gave me his free birthday drink at Dunkin Donuts, so I headed over there bright and early this morning to get a decaf iced mocha and a maple donut. The trek home surely burned off all the calories, right? At the very least, it helped lessen my case of the Mondays!


Mini Monday: A Room with a View


We spent a long weekend at a friend’s cabin in Deep Creek, Maryland, where we were able to hike, read, nap and spend lots of time in the company of friends. Now it’s back to the city and back to work we go…

Shiloh: A Series of Photos

Since early August we have had three dog visitors: Bo, Shiloh and Bella. It seemed like there would be a pause in our hosting four-legged guests, but Shiloh’s mommy just got engaged and asked if we could watch her furry angel while they visited family this weekend. And really, how could we say no to this face?


This morning Shiloh and I got up late — of course she got up early with my hubby before he went to rowing, came back to bed, got up again to go for a walk when my hubby came home, then came back to bed again — made coffee and started to work, but she was still a little bit tired.

shiloh yawns

Despite some big yawns, Shiloh managed to pose for a few pictures. During her photo shoot she was preoccupied, wondering what this so-called “work” was that I had been doing because she certainly could have gone for a lot more petting.

Shiloh 4

Then she just couldn’t take it anymore — it was nap time! It’s “ruff” being a doggie intern.

shiloh 3

Mini Monday: 15 Hours at Atatürk

Please enjoy this guest post from my beloved (and crazy) husband.

In order to spend an extra hour with my wife after she checked in, Istanbul_airportI decided I would just bum around the airport until my flight departed at 3 am. Here’s my record of what I did for 15 hours and 49 minutes at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

11:28 am Arrived at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

11:28-11:37 Tried to check-in and check luggage for my 3:05 am flight and found out I couldn’t check any bags until 10 pm at the earliest, but I could get a boarding card and accompany A to her gate

11:37-11:46 Cleared security and passport control

11:46-12:26 pm Sat with A just outside the additional security at her gate

12:26-12:32 Watched A go through additional security at her gate

12:32-12:38 Played cards (war) with A through the glass wall at her gate

12:38-12:42 Watched A board her flight

12:42-1:48 Perused the Duty Free: sampled 11 types of Turkish Delight and 2 types of Baklava

1:48-2:14 Surveyed the food and beverage options: was not impressed by Popeye’s or Sbarra or Burger King, but did identify cheapest vendor selling bottled water

2:14-2:22 Realized I didn’t need to lug my duffle around because they had little carts and found one

2:22-4:18 Found Gate 213 empty and napped with shoes off (to keep others away), watched a flight take off for London

4:18-5:36 Visited book store: read chapters from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Game of Groans (a parody); and Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence standing up; tried to find a Turkish Cuisine Cookbook in English (they had Spanish, Russion, Italian, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic, no English—though they had plenty of Western cookbooks in English…), read the recipe for ezme (our favorite Turkish meze) in French and think I get the general gist

5:36-6:01 Bought and consumed an Ayran (yogurt drink) and bottle of water

6:01-6:29 Checked various email accounts and confirmed my ride in Kabul

6:29-7:48 Went back to Gate 213 and read some Sherlock on my Kindle and watched a flight take off for Dubai

7:48-7:59 Read about the curative powers of apricots and the “miracle” hazelnut while snacking on them and watching the sunset

7:59-8:13 Walked from one end of the international terminal to the other in 765 paces and saw a large group of Muslim pilgrims heading to Jeddah all dressed in white

8:13-8:28 Walked it a second time in 768 paces

8:28-10:02 Bought a simit (sesame roll) and another bottle of water and did a little people-watching by the “bar scene”

10:02-10:37 Found a quiet place with no one around and listened to Adele because that’s what A was listening to last

10:37-10:44 Cleaning staff decide to have an argument three feet from me when there was no one around

10:44-11:09 Listened to Flight of the Concords because we had been discussing the “Rhymnocerous” song earlier and realized there was a pedometer on my iPod

11:09-11:54 Walked 1,704 steps according to my iPod, noticed my flight finally made it onto the departure boards (bottom of the third screen at 11:06)

11:54-11:56 Texted A “H is for…” after realizing there were exactly the same number of days to our anniversary as letters in “Happy Anniversary”

11:56-12:17 am Bought second simit, which was much chewier than the first

12:17-1:03 Settled down back at Gate 213 played logic puzzles on my kindle, watch a flight depart for Ercan (the Turkish part of Cyprus)

1:03-1:07 Checked the boards and found there was still no gate assignment with 2 hours to go until departure

1:07-1:11 Ironically noted my flight was leaving from Gate 213

1:11-1:12 Receive text from A that she had landed in the U.S.

1:12-1:20 Return to Gate 213 to find it the most crowded it had been all day/night

1:20-1:39 Wondered how long it will take A to clear passport control and customs

1:39-1:44 Called A and found out she already had cleared passport control and customs and met our friends who were picking her up

1:44-2:38 Read more Sherlock and glanced repeatedly at the deserted counter because we were supposed to board at 2:05

2:38-2:52 Boarded plane

3:17 am Departed Istanbul Atatürk Airport after 15 hours and 49 minutes

If you are wondering, 15 hours of loitering was totally worth the extra time with my honey muffin.

Mini-Monday: Bonnie the Spoiled Wonder Pup

Bonnie—also known as The Bonster, Bonnie Bear, and Bonster Monster—is the most spoiled dog who has ever lived with my parents. When I was growing up we always had sweet labs in the house (there was Bunny, Daisy, Shady and Sunny prior to Bonnie), but those pups did not live the life of luxury to which Bonnie has become accustomed.

Bonnie is definitely the spoiled youngest child. She’s got a toy box that includes an Eeyore she likes to snuggle, a mooing cow, and not one but two Snoopies that squeak (among other things). Bonnie also has a dog house in the backyard and, like Motel 6, my parents “leave the light on” for her at night because if they didn’t she’d “get scared.” No, seriously, Bonnie the black lab is apparently afraid of the dark…

This weekend while my parents and I watched a basketball game together, Bonnie enjoyed joining us in the living room, although I had to sit on the stairs since the couch was a bit full (mind you, it easily seats 6). Oh, and no dog pre-Bonnie has been allowed on the couch. Ever.

Taking a Sick Day

Here was my workspace today… not too pretty (although fairly soft). It’s a good thing I’ve been to Costco recently and stocked up on tissues, because I’m pretty sure that this box is practically empty already. It’s just my luck to get sick when it’s fabulous outside (nearly 80 today) and I’ve only got one week left to spend with my hubby before he departs on his big work adventure.

While it’s clear that I am having a little bit of a pity party for myself today, I’m trying to be optimistic that when I wake up tomorrow the combination of water, juice and tea I’ve chugged along with some super awesome drugs (thanks in advance mucinex) will have me on the road to recovery! My poor little red nose sure hopes so!*

* Any typos, grammatical errors or other crazy statements found in today’s post should be blamed on my confused, mucus-filled sinuses.

Yeah, it’s been awhile…

I haven’t posted in quite some time and I have so many excuses — I was busy with work, I had no internet for a few days, and then I was hit with a monster cold that I am still getting over. Despite continuing to be busy with work projects, the internet is back and (hopefully) I am starting to be on the mend from my cold. With two of the three roadblocks sort of taken care of, I am sitting at my desk trying to think of something brilliant to post about, but all I can really think is, “Crap, I just used my last lotion tissue blowing my nose!”

Even with all the complications there has been some housewifery, not that that is a word, during the past few weeks. A baking spree occurred with back-to-back batches of cupcakes then a pan of molasses bars. My husband was very excited about the cupcakes and I have to agree that it was nice to have a perfect sized dessert around for a few days.

I am also excited to report that although the weather remains chilly, spring seems to be seriously considering joining us. Our tulips are sprouting in the front yard and I am anxious to see the first flower bloom. Also, seeing the tulips start to sprout reminded me that it is time to get into gear for a new gardening season. I have picked up a wide variety of seeds as well as the seedling materials I need to get them growing. I have everything I need for the project except the motivation to actually do it. I’d much prefer to take a nap. But maybe with my husband’s help we can plant our seedlings this weekend to ensure that they will be nice and hearty by mid- to late-April when it comes time to transplant the little guys into the garden.

I could also use some help finding motivation to fold the clean clothes that have spent the last four days in the laundry basket. You might think that knowing folding the laundry will mean I could pick up all the dirty clothes currently littering the floor of the bedroom and bathroom would be enough, but alas I just walk around them day after day wondering where on earth that Laundry Fairy has gotten off to.

For now, actual work calls, and maybe laundry will get my attention later. And if I can find my camera I will get back in the swing of more frequent (and visually appealing) posts soon.