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Taking a Sick Day

Here was my workspace today… not too pretty (although fairly soft). It’s a good thing I’ve been to Costco recently and stocked up on tissues, because I’m pretty sure that this box is practically empty already. It’s just my luck to get sick when it’s fabulous outside (nearly 80 today) and I’ve only got one week left to spend with my hubby before he departs on his big work adventure.

While it’s clear that I am having a little bit of a pity party for myself today, I’m trying to be optimistic that when I wake up tomorrow the combination of water, juice and tea I’ve chugged along with some super awesome drugs (thanks in advance mucinex) will have me on the road to recovery! My poor little red nose sure hopes so!*

* Any typos, grammatical errors or other crazy statements found in today’s post should be blamed on my confused, mucus-filled sinuses.


Yeah, it’s been awhile…

I haven’t posted in quite some time and I have so many excuses — I was busy with work, I had no internet for a few days, and then I was hit with a monster cold that I am still getting over. Despite continuing to be busy with work projects, the internet is back and (hopefully) I am starting to be on the mend from my cold. With two of the three roadblocks sort of taken care of, I am sitting at my desk trying to think of something brilliant to post about, but all I can really think is, “Crap, I just used my last lotion tissue blowing my nose!”

Even with all the complications there has been some housewifery, not that that is a word, during the past few weeks. A baking spree occurred with back-to-back batches of cupcakes then a pan of molasses bars. My husband was very excited about the cupcakes and I have to agree that it was nice to have a perfect sized dessert around for a few days.

I am also excited to report that although the weather remains chilly, spring seems to be seriously considering joining us. Our tulips are sprouting in the front yard and I am anxious to see the first flower bloom. Also, seeing the tulips start to sprout reminded me that it is time to get into gear for a new gardening season. I have picked up a wide variety of seeds as well as the seedling materials I need to get them growing. I have everything I need for the project except the motivation to actually do it. I’d much prefer to take a nap. But maybe with my husband’s help we can plant our seedlings this weekend to ensure that they will be nice and hearty by mid- to late-April when it comes time to transplant the little guys into the garden.

I could also use some help finding motivation to fold the clean clothes that have spent the last four days in the laundry basket. You might think that knowing folding the laundry will mean I could pick up all the dirty clothes currently littering the floor of the bedroom and bathroom would be enough, but alas I just walk around them day after day wondering where on earth that Laundry Fairy has gotten off to.

For now, actual work calls, and maybe laundry will get my attention later. And if I can find my camera I will get back in the swing of more frequent (and visually appealing) posts soon.

No Sick Leave for the Self-Employed

Despite my best efforts to avoid getting sick — I got my flu shot, I work from home and I rarely use public transportation these days — I caught a cold last weekend. The timing really couldn’t have been worse and for once I can blame my husband. The man who “never” gets sick caught a cold last week and kindly shared it with me.

It was very odd being the caretaker since usually I am the one who has turned into some sort of snot-filled, barely functioning disaster. However, as my husband’s cold progressed and I stayed healthy, I thought maybe I would beat the odds and for once, not get sick myself. Ha! Think again. On Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and we both spent the day napping, watching TV and reading. We never left the house and barely moved from the bed. It would have been kind of awesome if we hadn’t felt like crap.

But I digress, the point of this post is to note that thanks to working from home, I have found it is pretty much impossible to take a sick day. Particularly a few days prior to a vacation that will make me inaccessible to my clients for the next two weeks. As my own boss, it’s kind of tragic to tell myself that I don’t have the time to take a sick day!

So here I sit at my desk, surrounded by snotty tissues, a glass of water and a mug of lukewarm tea, trying to power through. Even during the quiet times in my day I feel guilty napping since the house is a disaster and it needs some serious cleaning before we leave on our trip.

But for now, I am trying to take things one step at a time. Which means I need to find a packet of kleenex and then head off to a meeting where I will do everything in my power not to infect my client. Before long I’ll be home again and can hopefully find a way to squeeze in a nap.