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Mini Monday: Smiling

It has definitely been a Monday. Instead of letting this hectic day get me down, I thought I’d take a moment away from the grindstone to reflect on some of the things that have made me smile the past few days:



*If you click on the picture, the caption text becomes much larger.


The Joys of Snail Mail

I’ve always loved checking the mail SnailMailand finding a brightly colored envelope, a small package that contains a gift that just happened to make someone think of me or a postcard from a friend or family member’s recent travel adventure. It’s lovely to know that someone who is somewhere else in the world is thinking of you enough to find a card, write a quick note, and drop it in the nearest mailbox.

Snail mail is one of my favorite things about Christmas, my birthday, and our wedding anniversary — during these three times of the year I can count on receiving some clever and heartfelt cards mixed in with the usual bills, magazines, and assorted junk.

Since my hubby has been in Afghanistan I’ve been sending cards to him as well as small packages with chocolates, comics, and other assorted little goodies. After the holidays, he took a book of stamps back with the intention of doing the same. Well, I shouldn’t say intention, he has been sending me letters and postcards, but I hadn’t been receiving them until quite recently. His first letter was mailed on Feb. 3 and arrived on Feb. 25 while the second—mailed only two days later on Feb. 5—just arrived yesterday! But despite the delays, this week alone I received a postcard on Monday, the letter yesterday, and another postcard today all of which added some much needed sunshine to a pretty gloomy week.

Making my mailbox every cheerier today, I also received a cute card from my parents for Administrative Assistant Day. Since I work for myself I am my own assistant, but my mom and dad figured I probably wasn’t going to buy myself a gift. Opening their Snoopy card definitely made me smile.

I know that sending a card takes a bit more effort than shooting off an email, but it really only takes a few minutes to let someone know you are thinking of them. And for 42 cents (or something like that, thanks to forever stamps I really have no idea what the cost of a stamp is anymore) and the cost of a card (or time spent making a card), I’d say that’s a pretty good use of a few minutes of the day.

(And yes, I love Snoopy, how can you not?)

Sleep — Who Needs It?

As you may have guessed from the title Imageof this post, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. And let me say, it isn’t for lack of trying. I LOVE sleep. I’m a “needs-at-least-8-hours-a-night” kind of girl, so I have been wandering through the world like a zombie the past few days.

Since this new trend emerged during the weekend, I’ve been careful not have any caffeine after 1 pm (although I feel like I need to chug a triple venti mocha around 4 pm to keep going), I exercise each evening (for heaven’s sake last night I taught Jazzercise for the first time in 5 weeks and I was wiped out afterward, but it still wasn’t enough), and I have dinner as soon as I get home so that it has plenty of time to settle before bed.

So what gives?

I’m not laying in bed filling my head with worried thoughts or feeling overwhelmed by what’s coming up the next day. Nope. I’m just laying in bed thinking, “Hey, sleep did you forget to look at your calendar today? I made an appointment with you for this time pretty much every night forever.” Unfortunately sleep seems to have misplaced my request.

So I am powering through, thinking at some point I have to get tired enough to get back to my normal sleeping routine (which still isn’t great, but it is a hell of a lot better than this). Let’s hope that time comes rather soon. With sleep will come some more interesting blog posts, including a blow-by-blow report about my new Build Your Own Woodstock (of the Snoopy variety, not the hippie type) and a little something about Inauguration. Bet you can’t wait!


Sweet Dreams with Snoopy

This past December my Aunt Vicki handed me a Hannukah gift for us with the cryptic caveat, “This is a joke. Well, it’s kind of a joke.”

It was a pretty big bag and fairly heavy, so I was intrigued. I tore into the bag and unearthed possibly the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten: FLANNEL SNOOPY SHEETS.

Joke?!? What ever did she mean this was joke?

[Note: Per an earlier blog about “our children” it’s pretty clear I am a huge fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts.]

Although we couldn’t fit them in our luggage, my dad was kind enough to ship them to us. I waited with bated breath for the package to arrive on the east coast. When they did, I quickly ran them through the wash and got them on the bed. This is normally a task I assign to my husband, who can put the fitted sheets on much easier than I can, but I didn’t want to delay creating my Snoopy dream bed. He also had made some comments about not needing flannel sheets in during the warmest January on record… I was not going to let him get in the way! (Besides he’d wait until my teeth were chattering to switch to flannel sheets.)

Of course I had to share their adorableness, even if it is a bit delayed. As you can see they’ve not only got Snoopy, but the whole gang: Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Pig Pen, Lucy, Linus and Woodstock. Plus — and clearly most importantly — Snoopy really loves them!

The Great Cupcake Caper

Today my husband is celebrating his 30th birthday. In honor of that, one of his rowing teammates brought cupcakes to practice for him Thursday morning. This meant that he came home all hyped up on sugar and happy as a clam to have started his day with a cupcake. It also meant he was feeling extra sneaky, but I’ll get back to that. He told me with a smile on his face that he had a surprise for me — a cupcake of my own!

As you may recall from an old post about “the children” we tend to joke around with giving the stuffed animals personalities. Although both Snoopy and Eeyore expressed their desire to have a cupcake, my husband said that the cupcake was for the puppy to share with me. As the puppy doesn’t tend to have a lot of luck getting downstairs, I was pretty confident I would get the entire thing to myself.

I went for my morning walk and came back to find this — the puppy sitting on top of the cupcake container with only a used wrapper inside. I was stumped. And dying for my cupcake. I called my husband in a panic to see if he could let shed some light on where my missing cupcake might be. Instead he just said he wasn’t responsible for the puppy’s actions when she is left alone…

Thankfully, after a bit more searching through the salad spinner, dishes and cupboards, I found that my cupcake had been relocated to a pretty secluded spot in the fridge. We had a joyous reunion as I downed the chocolate-frosted, marble-cake cupcake along with an iced mocha and got back to my day.

Speaking of cupcakes, there are about 65 downstairs begging to be frosted for the 30th birthday bash tonight. I suppose when a cupcake calls a girl should answer!

Easily Amused

I love to laugh and my husband will go to pretty much any length to entertain me. Luckily for him, he doesn’t have to go far because I am pretty easily amused.

A few months ago I wrote about how Snoopy and the gang were our “little treasures.” When my husband made us breakfast last weekend, he also put together a plate for some of our stuffed friends. I think it goes without saying that Eeyore, Snoopy and The Puppy loved their pancakes and I was quite entertained.

Tip #4

4. Prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children’s hands and faces (if they are small), comb their hair, and if necessary change their clothes. They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part.

Succeeding at tip #4 is quite a challenge since we don’t have children. But I thought, “I’ve gotten this far and been mildly successful. I will not let this minor glitch stand in my way!”

So in an attempt to keep order with our “little treasures,” I do my best to arrange the stuffed animals (in order of importance): Snoopy the snuggly, Eeyore the irascible (think Donkey from Shrek), and the lab puppies Sunny and Shady (they’re fraternal twins) so they can “greet” my husband at the end of each work day.

Trust me, he really appreciates this. Well, maybe he doesn’t, but I really appreciate it and he humors me.

While I don’t wash their faces and paws/hoofs, I do run them through the dryer every once in a while. Mostly they are adorable, particularly Snoopy who I have had since I was two. But sometimes Eeyore has a potty mouth (usually involving the word “a$$.” Shocking.) and needs a time-out on the “naughty donkey chair.” As far as the twins go, Shady is much better behaved than Sunny, and just like “real” dogs, they like bad smelling breath. Unlike “real” dogs they occasionally dance to theme songs during television shows — CSI’s “Who Are You?” being one of their favorite tunes to get down to.

As far as “little treasures” go, this crew is keeping us entertained for the time being. And when my husband comes home they are very, very quiet.