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Mini Monday: 30 Weeks Pregnant


I really don’t want to be one of those people — you know, the ones who talk exclusively about pregnancy, babies and baby things — but today I’ve simply got baby on the brain so you’re getting a mini-earful of baby news.

• I’m at 30 weeks today and am still getting lots of kicks from my cucumber/cabbage size baby (and no, those two veggies are not similar in size at all…) who is approximately 2.75 pounds (which seems like an awfully heavy cucumber or cabbage…) and is about 16 inches long.

• I on the other hand cannot be compared to a fruit or vegetable as I feel that I am approximately the size of a beached whale, but other very kind people, my husband included, keep saying I look very fit for 30 weeks. I have lots of walking and Jazzercise to thank for that one! My fingers are crossed that the heat isn’t too bad this summer and I can keep up my exercise regime until the baby comes.

• To emphasize how “beached whaley” I am feeling, my husband and I were listening to classical musical for most of the afternoon yesterday and at one point, he started to dance with me. The next thing I knew there was a spin (no problem there) and a “lift.” Oh, my poor husband. I am pretty petite and stand 5′ tall whereas he is 6’1″ so typically a lift is no problem, but when he tried yesterday I’d say he got me about an inch off the ground and made such a horrible noise in his attempt to pick me up. Well, needless to say we both dissolved into laughter and I wasn’t feeling very petite anymore! He also said, “I definitely think this needs to go in the blog tomorrow.” So this one is for you, babe.

• It’s happened. I’ve started attracting the random belly rubs that I’ve been dreading all along and really, it is just plain weird. Why do strangers — and frankly even acquaintances — think that a woman wants them to rub her belly?? I’ve had good friends ask if they can touch my belly, which is fine, but people I barely know or don’t know at all? Paws off!

• Our baby hippo really likes being on the right hand side of my belly. I don’t know what it is — head, butt, elbow — but he frequently maneuvers himself so that I feel a huge hunk of baby sticking out. It’s always on the same side, usually in the same spot, and it is super weird. If I massage him, eventually he will find his way back into the normal realm of my belly space. All I can say is that creating a baby is definitely interesting!

• Over the weekend, my husband built the dresser that will also double as a changing table for our little hippo. Although we have a wall decal to put up for decoration, the room is pretty well put together. Now I can spend the rest of the summer (post-baby showers) washing tiny clothes and putting them, diapers and blankets where they belong. I’m trying to keep my nesting mania to a minimum for my hubby’s sake. I can see him rolling his eyes now.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!




The Past 13 Days…

photo 1

I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer, but things have been a bit rough around our house the past few weeks. It all started on June 6, when my husband’s bike lock was cut on our front porch and the seatless ride was stolen (he kept the seat and helmet in the house). Two days later our water heater stopped working in the middle of my shower and yes, I had conditioner in my hair when everything went ice cold. Needless to say, that was less than awesome. Now, 10 days later, despite three visits from the plumber last week which included 5 minutes of hot water when it was “fixed” Friday morning, we are still without a functioning unit. Maybe today will finally be the day when a new switch gets installed and, dear God, if that doesn’t solve the problem there will be a seriously cranky pregnant lady over here!

On top of that excitement I managed to break — and when I say break I really mean shatter — a large, seriously heavy duty duralex drinking glass INTO the dishwasher. Ah, the joys of home ownership…

Since I am well into a rant, let me add that I’m 29 weeks pregnant and it’s approximately a million degrees outside (again) so needless to say I am a little on the uncomfortable side.

With all those negative things floating around, I’m trying my best not to focus on the bad stuff (although it sure doesn’t sound like it in the previous paragraphs, does it?). There are many things I am grateful for this week:

• We can afford to fix our hot water heater (if anyone ever figures out exactly what is wrong with it…), that we have no shortage of water here in DC and that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law live just down the block so we have somewhere to take warm showers (thanks guys!)
• Our garden is growing in leaps and bounds thanks to the numerous downpours last week. Also the flowers I planted around the outer borders of each bed are finally starting to bloom and add color to our backyard.
• Speaking of the garden, my hubby was able to pick an entire bowl of delicious, tart blueberries from one of our plots on Saturday morning. Yum.
• And speaking of my hubby, he finished re-painting our bedroom Saturday, taking us from red to a really lovely blue/gray. And with the help of my brother-in-law our furniture is no longer all in the middle of the room, which is a definite plus when it comes to navigating my many middle of the night trips to the bathroom.
• Work is busy, busy, busy which is always something to be pleased about.
• After living in DC for about 5 years, we finally have air conditioning in the house, which has been a huge relief.
• And our baby hippo is roughly the size of a butternut squash this week. Or an acorn squash, depending on what baby app I’m looking at. Also I am feeling lots of kicks and jabs and who knows what from the baby, which always makes me smile.

Speaking of hippos, look what came in the mail from our financial planner’s office the other day:

photo 2

Here’s to keeping the bright side in focus, even on rough days!

Sugar Rush!


This morning I finally got around to my one-hour glucose screening to check for gestational diabetes. I’ll be honest: I love sweets— cupcakes and ice cream have been particular favorites during the past 7 months. But other than my dessert vices I’ve tried to make healthy choices throughout my pregnancy by continuing to be as active as I can (thanks Jazzercise!) and (mostly) eating foods that are good for me and my little guy. I’ve been gaining weight on the slow side and there is no history of diabetes in my family, but I’ve still been a little freaked out about the screening. While I sat in the lobby of the lab this morning with the orange sugar drink coursing through my body, I didn’t get any less anxious.

As friends who have traveled this road before me said, “If I didn’t have gestational diabetes before, I probably have it after drinking all that sugar!”

But for now all I can do is wait for the results. Hopefully the next dish of ice cream in my future isn’t 3 months down the road or it will be one long, hot summer!

Shiloh and Sunshine

It’s been a gorgeous week in DC — weather in the 70s, no humidy, and cool breezes are spoiling us. This week we are also lucky enough to have a four-legged friend around the house to help us enjoy the cooler days.


Shiloh and I took some time yesterday afternoon to evaluate the garden (one of our bell peppers is actually turning red!!), throw the tennis ball around, and have a little photo shoot. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our outside adventure:

Clockwise from left: "Please throw the tennis ball again, I'm being SO good!"; the first (almost) red pepper in our garden; trying to take a selfie with a lab is tricky business; Shiloh took a break from fetching to lounge in the sun and give kisses; when we went inside she was thirsty (and too tired to stand up...)

Clockwise from left: “Please throw the tennis ball again, I’m being SO good!”; the first (almost) red pepper in our garden; trying to take a selfie with a lab is tricky business; Shiloh took a break from fetching to lounge in the sun and give kisses; when we went inside she was thirsty (and too tired to stand up…)

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!


As a child, I always disliked rainy days — mainly because you couldn’t go outside at recess — for some mysterious reason getting rained on was pretty much the worst thing that could happen (seeing as it is only water, I have no idea why).

But now that I work from home (i.e. I can just hide inside when it’s raining), I enjoy rainy days. It is better in the fall/winter when I can curl up with some tea, re-read Harry Potter for the umpteenth time (don’t judge me) and listen to sound of the rain hitting the roof. However I have a new found appreciation for summer rain — something we never had in California — because it makes my garden so happy. It doesn’t hurt that it makes my water bill happy, too!

Of course, there are times when I cannot avoid emerging from my cave and wandering in the rain. I realized as I was listening to it fall this morning that we have had some (very) rainy adventures the past few years in Paris, Bergen, Ephesus, Rhodes and throughout Iceland. While a sunny day in the 70s would always be preferable for exploring a new destination, if I’ve got to be out and about in the rain I’d rather do it somewhere other than DC! Plus on a trip, rain is an excellent excuse to hide out in a flower-covered gazebo for a bit or grab a drink at a cafe and watch the world go by.

Mini Monday: Tomato Time


For weeks our tomato vines have been heavily laden with fruit, but it’s only been during the past few days that they have started to turn red. We’ve gotten a good amount of cherry tomatoes already, but unfortunately we’ve lost two very large tomatoes due to something nibbling away at them before I’ve managed to pick them. Even the large tomato above has a bite taken out of it…

To try and combat the bugs (or birds) that are ruining our ripe tomatoes, I pulled some semi-red ones (along with a bit of the vine) during the weekend and another bowl this morning. I’m hoping that they will finish ripening on the counter and my fingers are crossed that they’ll turn out to be just as tasty, despite being picked slightly early. I see a lot of caprese salad, gazpacho, and other tomato-based meals in the near future!

Working Here, There, Everywhere!

It’s that time of the year where I have a continuous running dialogue of, “Goodness gracious it is HOT” going through my mind (and often coming out of my mouth). Unfortunately today is no different. In fact today it is not only hot, it’s REALLY hot. This morning at 8 am, the temperature was 80 degrees (doesn’t sound so bad, does it?) but the real feel was 100 degrees! At 8 am! This is one of those terrible weeks in DC where the temperature really never cools down below 80, so it’s hot all day and all night. I probably wouldn’t focus on the heatwave quite so much if I didn’t work from my un-airconditioned home.

Wait, before you get worried that in 15 minutes I’ll be laying in a crumpled heap next to my desk after passing out from heat stroke, I do have a window unit in my office and I run it all of the time when I am working from home. In fact, it is SO hot that when I use my AC I can keep it at the highest setting (cooling to 80 degrees) and it actually feels great.

But there are always a few weeks in the summer where I happily work from somewhere else whenever I can. Yesterday morning and this morning I’m working from my favorite coffee shop and I’ll likely migrate to a friend’s house for the afternoon.

Not having air conditioned office space (that someone else pays for) is probably the only thing I have missed during the 4 years that I’ve been working for myself. But with my flexible schedule and the option of working at my desktop or laptop, I can make due for the few weeks that are rough. I was reminiscing about how last summer wasn’t so bad, but then I remembered I spent 2 weeks working from California and 2 weeks wandering around Norway (where I most definitely was NOT working). Being gone for 4 weeks during the summer doesn’t hurt. Sadly this summer apart from our mini July 4 getaway, I am stuck in DC so my fingers are crossed that things start cooling down soon!