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Mini Monday: The Seven Year Itch


I just couldn’t resist using this as the title for a post about our seventh wedding anniversary, even though research has shown that the “3 year glitch” is the new “7 year itch” when it comes to marital woes. So phew, I guess we’ve made it honey!

As we enter our seventh year of marriage, the most exciting thing on the horizon is the little bundle of joy that is scheduled to join our family in September. We are keeping things pretty low key this year in terms of anniversary celebrations, but the traditional seventh anniversary gift is copper and my husband just happened upon a super shiny penny from the year we got married the other day. I thought it was such a sweet gesture (I was really just impressed that he knew copper was the appropriate gift… I had no idea!). During the weekend we picked up this little copper heart from a vendor at Eastern Market to put in the nursery. It was our small, but sweet, gift to each other.

But I wanted to do something to surprise to him, and I decided that would be putting two tulips — purple like the day we got married — in the bud vase we were given on our wedding day.

As the years tick by, I know I couldn’t have asked for a better partner — who else would stay up until 11 pm working to assemble an Ikea bed? Or spend his entire weekend organizing and cleaning the house from top to bottom because there are so many things I can’t move or clean properly these days? Or who encouraged me to quit my full-time job to start my own freelance firm? Or who is willing to get up at 6:30 am on a Saturday to help me set up my Jazzercise class? Or who puts his hand on my belly and talks to our son in crazy voices (at first I was worried that our son wouldn’t recognize my husband’s voice when after being born, but then I realized he’s still going to talk to the baby with crazy voices so we should be good)? The list goes on and on and I am more grateful to have him in my life with every passing day.



Mini Monday: Miscellaneous Musings


It seemed like a busy weekend, but looking ahead we can’t count on enjoying a lazy weekend at home until November, so I suppose Saturday and Sunday weren’t anywhere near as hectic as the upcoming weekends are going to be! The highlight of the past weekend was attending a college friend’s wedding on Saturday evening. The setting was beautiful, the food was delicious and, most importantly, the bride and groom were head over heels in love from start to finish.

But a new week is underway and I appear to be battling the onset of a summer cold. My plan for fighting it is mostly just to ignore it and get a lot of sleep. We’ll see how that goes. So this morning instead of thinking about my scratchy throat, I’m trying to focus on the things that are making me smile and the list is long:

• My husband made blueberry pancakes for breakfast — yum! (I ate them too fast to snap a picture.)

• While I was out running my errands I took advantage of a “free iced coffee every Monday for 6 weeks” deal at Dunkin Donuts and, even more exciting, discovered that the pumpkin donuts are already back.

• We are trying to be frugal this fall because of our upcoming home renovations, but while I was at Trader Joe’s I couldn’t stop myself from spending $7 on this mixed bouquet and these Gerber Daisies. They went so well together and are brightening up the living room as I type!

• Speaking of the living room, we re-arranged the space a bit yesterday and rolled up the boring and stained rug we bought when we moved in to put down a carpet that my husband brought home from Afghanistan. We also replaced the hand-me-down runner in our entry hall with an Afghan piece. I’m trying to get used to walking on them because I’m nervous I might ruin them, but what’s the point of having a memento if you can’t enjoy it?

• And last, but not least, our fall garden seems to be coming along nicely. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will have as abundant of a haul of cucumbers and sugar snap peas as we did in the spring/summer. I’m also trying green beans (again) because they were a total flop this summer. Speaking of the summer, our tomato plants all appear to be getting a second wind which is exciting. I brought in a small bowl of cherry tomatoes this morning and each of the larger plants have a new batch of green fruit on the vines. Here’s hoping that when they start to turn we can get to them before the birds/squirrels do!

Mini Monday: Whirlwind Weekend

We spent a long weekend California where we celebrated my birthday, America’s birthday and — the real reason behind our visit — a family wedding. Arriving late last Tuesday and heading back to DC even later last night, the past few days have been packed with family, food, and adventures.

We were able to spend the first few days in our hometown, catching up with our parents and extended family members. My parent’s dog, Bonnie, was particularly glad that my husband is back from Afghanistan. She just couldn’t get enough snuggles, despite the temperature topping more than 100 degrees when we were there.

The final 2.5 days of our visit we were in the Bay Area where we attended a rehearsal dinner, the wedding and a post-wedding breakfast. We also managed to wander on the beach in Half Moon Bay (where we saw some frolicking labs) and do some sightseeing in San Francisco. Despite how much was packed into 5ish days, everything went pretty smoothly.


The terrible plane crash at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday morning impacted our travel slightly, delaying our flight back to DC on Sunday evening about 2 hours, so instead of taking off at 11:30 pm we were on our way about 1:30 am. All things considered we had a safe flight and had nothing to complain about. This morning we were certainly rushing to get  ready and start our delayed work days though.

Not surprisingly, this afternoon I am pretty wiped out, but I wanted to share a few pictures from the wedding. The location, Kohl Manor, and all of the details were exquisite. From the bright flowers to the tasty desserts and unique cake toppers to the bride’s dress and the groom’s purple sneakers, it was obvious that the couple wanted to make sure the wedding reflected their personalities.


As a special treat, the centerpiece at each table was given to the person whose birthday was the closest to the wedding day and since my birthday was on the wedding day, I was able to enjoy the pink and purple blooms interspersed with fragrant rosemary for an extra day (and I lugged the vase back to DC for future use). My hubby and I got a kick out of our trips to the photo booth and enjoyed our time on the dance floor, but most importantly the bride and groom were over the moon in love — who could ask for anything more?

Mini Sunday: Everyday Accessory


I have to jump the gun a day on my Mini Monday post in order to wish my hubby a very happy sixth anniversary!

I have never been big on jewelry, much to my grandmother’s chagrin (dad’s side), although I’ve been trying to incorporate necklaces and occasionally even a bracelet into my outfits recently. However there is one accessory that I’ve worn daily for about 6.5 years (if you count the engagement period) — my wedding/engagement rings.

My wedding rings are special for the usual reasons — that when I look at them I think of my hubby’s sweet smile, the day we got engaged, walking down the aisle on our wedding day … the list goes on and on. But I have an extra reason to love my rings — the two bands that are connected were my grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings (on my mom’s side). The two of us were very close and when she passed away a little more than a decade ago, my heart broke. I struggle with the fact that she never got to know my husband (and that he never got to know her). She was such a remarkable woman and by having her rings I feel like she’s with me daily.

My grandparents were married April 10, 1942 and my hubby and I got married 65 years (and a few weeks) after their special day. My grandmother wore her rings for a nearly 60 years and I certainly hope to have the chance to do the same.

4th Anniversary

Four years ago today my husband and I said “I do.” Although we relocated almost immediately to Washington, DC, we are en route to California for the weekend. The reason behind our trip is to attend the wedding of a childhood friend who sang during our ceremony. By the way, this is wedding #5 for the year, in case you are keeping track.

But it isn’t all for him.

Despite having to get up early and travel on our anniversary, it will all be worth it since it means spending our special day in San Francisco. If all goes according to plan (we haven’t had a lot of luck with that when it comes to flying recently), we’ll be walking through the city by noon and—hopefully—enjoying a sunny, clear city day.  I can’t wait to see our accommodations at the French B&B my husband picked out and have a romantic dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant.

After a lazy Friday morning in the city, we’ll spend the rest of the weekend visiting with family and friends. It seems like the perfect reminder of how this weekend felt four years ago when we had the chance to gather 160 of the closest people in our lives together in one space. I couldn’t ask for a more special weekend.

Garden Update #3

All things garden are going well. Two weekends ago, my husband and I  decided to plant some of our tomato, cucumber and leek seedlings. We hoped that the extra week in the ground would help them take root before we go out of town for — wait for it — the fifth wedding we are attending this year.

During the past weekend we went back to the garden to check on everything and finish planting. There had been a cold snap during the week and unfortunately some of the seedlings we had planted before weren’t looking very happy. Thankfully we had more of everything continuing to grow at home and were able to add more tomatoes and cucumbers to replace the ones that were in dire straights.

During our time at the garden, I was excited to see that some of our direct sew seeds — particularly the snow peas and arugula — had really taken off. Hopefully the warmer weather we are expected to have along with frequent rain showers will keep our little plants happy for the next few days.

I am anxious to see how the four types of tomatoes, four types of peppers, leeks, kale, arugula, spinach, garlic, cucumbers, snow peas and green beans turn out this season. I’m also looking forward to using our herbs — we’ve got sage, cilantro, parsley, basil, purple basil, curry, dill, oregano and thyme planted and hopefully growing. If everything managed to grow as it should, we will end up with quite a lot of produce from our 4×12 plot!

Once we returned home from the garden on Saturday we set to work planting some additional herb seeds in pots on the front porch. There is simply nothing better than easy access to fresh herbs. We started cilantro, basil, purple basil, mint, oregano and thyme to go along with our crazy rosemary plant.  I’m also thinking that the cilantro may do better in the shade of our porch than it will in the plot during the height of the summer.

In fact, we have so much rosemary and sage at the moment, that I made small arrangements to give away at a dinner we hosted this weekend. I also created a good sized herbal arrangement for our kitchen as well. Even if we don’t get around to using it, at least it smells lovely!